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Recognitions of the Month - Aug 2018

Lally Catubay - Accounting Dept

Lally has been part of the accounting team with Nancy for the past 5 years. She deals with our owners and employees. She has been Nancy's girl Friday and we wouldn't be able to function as efficiently without her skills.

"I have been working with Rental Advisor for almost 5 years now. I work with Nancy in the Accounting Department. I mostly do hubstaff payroll, doing manual edits and some auditing as well. I set up the payments for Invoices that we receive from caretakers and vendors. I also reconcile transactions that we receive on a daily basis. I prepare and generate the Owner Statements of the property Owners monthly. And I prepare everyone's 1099 form for the year's filing of taxes. I enjoy working with everyone and also resolving concerns of the owners."

Michael Hernanado - Inventory Development - Philippines

Michael has been working tirelessly with Shandry on all of the wholesale listings. Inventory Development saw record bookings/revenue this past month, thanks to their efforts on keeping the listings all look fantastic.

"I have learned that optimization is a continuous process of developing our listing products. From time to time, the online vacation home rental industry is constantly evolving and the standard for excellent listing is ever increasing. Thanks to the guidance and direction of our leaders in this company, I was able to learn where and what I should focus on in developing our property listings and make them stand out among the rest."

Trixie Ardon - Hawaii Team - Oahu South

Trixie had another stellar month with 42 bookings. She is a fantastic agent who takes the time to optimise, respond quickly to leads and update all of her listings weekly. The pay off is all of the bookings!

Brittany Jaeger - Mainland Team - Arizona

Brittany has been spending hours keeping Arizona homes booked, even in the HOT summers. She had a record number of 34 bookings. Amazing. She also has an eye for detail when it comes to updating her listings. Arizona has been doing very well thanks to all of her hard work.

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