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Recognitions of the Month - April 2018

Brittany Jaeger - Arizona Mainland - Gilbert, AZ office

Brittany is one of our newest account managers. She has taken over Stephanie's Arizona area. Brittany is taking over as the Airbnb specialist AND is our resident Streamline expert. She is an amazing asset to our team.

"I have been working through optimizing all of my listings on all of the platforms to generate more interest in our Arizona properties. I have made a point to reach out to all of my owners to introduce myself and discuss summer rates. By optimizing, I have generated more interest in my properties with more inquiries for the summer."

Genevie Lopez - Hawaii Floating Agent - Philippines

Genevie has been with our team for a few months. She has been a super host on Airbnb and that is how we found her. She was working on the Idaho properties and now has been moved to the Hawaii team as a floating agent. Genz has been an excellent agent in Airbnb. She is quick to respond to all inquiries and booking requests on the homes she has been co-hosted on.

We are excited to have her on our team.

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