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Recognitions of the Month - May 2018

Pierne Revillo - Account Manager N. Oahu - Philippines

Pierne has been with the company for approximately 3 years. She has been an incredible asset to the Rental Advisor team. She has been handling some of our premium and luxury homes and doing a remarkable job. Much of her time is spent helping guests book weddings.

"I deal with wedding inquiries, it takes more time and patience to explain all the details of the properties especially the details of the wedding/reception. They also reach out for help with regards to coordination and other things they need. I try my best to work staggered hours so I can respond immediately to the inquiries especially in Airbnb and Tripavisor where there is a timer. I have more freedom in Vrbo so I get to say the personal information of the chefs, wedding coordinator, caretaker and other questions they have that are restricted when I answer in Airbnb and Tripadvisor. I just love my job. I love helping our guests find the right property for their family and their needs. I get excited when they are excited. I get frustrated when a property is not at par with cleanliness and other things break down."

Ashlee Hyer - Account Manager - Teton/Wyoming - Gilbert AZ Office

Ashlee has been working hard booking homes in Idaho and Wyoming. She has helped new owners set up their homes and getting them booked. Summer is a busy time in the area so she has been a little busier than some of our agents. She has been going solo for the most part so a big shout out to her for handling all aspects of account management without back up.

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