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Recognitions of the Month - July 2018

Trixie Ardon - Account Manager - S. Oahu - Philippines

Trixie has been an valuable asset to our Rental Advisor team. She is quick to learn new things and has developed great relationships with her owners. She is eager and effecient with all of her responsibilities. She regularly has the largest number of bookings! How does she do it?

"When I start work I do inquiries first and then follow ups. After dealing with guest and owner concerns, I open our Project Management table and work on the task for the day, this also includes updating Airtable. I then move to our properties list and optimize 2 or more (if time permits) listings. Going down the list by owner then property works best for me. Using Airtable and google features such as snooze email and tasks has helped me take notes and be reminded of the things I needed to get done and when."

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