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Recognitions of the Month - Mar 2018

Nancy Slade - Accounting - AZ

Nancy has been working overtime processing the hundreds of bookings we have made over the first quarter. Nancy is one person who gets the privilege of working with almost every person in the company. She also has the patience of Job!

"I'm one of the old timers at RA! Going on five years. I handle everything to do with money. Send Reservation Statements for owner's to approve. Work with owner's. I keep our bookings log up to date. I collect money from guests, pay owner's, and vendors and of course payroll. I couldn't keep up without the awesome help of Lally and Lalaine!"

Jamie Babin - Account Manager - AZ office

Jamie joined our team back in December. She has been a fantastic asset to the Gilbert office. She is bold and fearless and knows how to get things done. She took on some struggling owners/units and quickly diagnosed some issues. She wrote up a plan for the homes and went to work with the owners on improving their bottom line.

"Up until recently, I was working with some of the smaller units in Hawaii that needed a little TLC. Even though some of these units had some issues and problems, I really enjoyed overcoming obstacles and challenges to try and help these struggling units. I would check prices in the area for similar units on a regular basis to make sure our pricing was extremely competitive. I also found that developing great relationships with the owners made a huge difference! The owners of these homes began to trust me very quickly and valued my opinion and advice on how to help their units receive more inquiries and bookings.

A few weeks ago, I was moved to the mainland team. I look forward to this new adventure and am excited to be part of the growth on this team!"

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