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Welcome To RA 2019

We have had many changes in the past 8 months. Yes, that is how long it has been since our last blog post! We have divided our mainland teams due to growth. We have a mainland south and mainland north. Jamie is over our southern region and Brittany is over the northern region.

In order to continue to deal with the continuing growth, we have added new team members.

Account Manager - Mainland South

Carly Morris joined our Mainland South team. She will be working with Jamie's team. She lives in Utah and has the great fortune of being trained by Crystal. She is a much needed asset to our southern region. She lived in Arizona selling pest control, so she should be able to do a great job in helping our AZ owners.

Booking Agent

Fely Greggorio joined our booking team. She is still in the process of being trained. She lives in Bacolod City, Philippines. We are excited to have her on our bookings team. She has been great at asking questions and being responsive to inquiries.

Account Manager - Mainland North

Leanne Frandsen joined our team back in December 2018. She has already learned that in a growing company, changes happen often. She has had owners in Arizona and Idaho. She was recently moved as we divided the Mainland regions. She lives in Gilbert, AZ and is in our Gilbert office. Leanne loves to get into the details and ensure her listings are perfection.

Account Manager - Mainland South

Skye Dugger joined our team in December 2018. She is working in our Mainland South team. She is from Gilbert, AZ and works out of our Gilbert office. She is well aquainted with the Phoenix valley and loves to meet owners. She has been willing to take field trips to see new owners and their homes. She is getting creative with summer coming to the desert.

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