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Recognitions of the Month - Sept 2018

Shandry Williams - Inventory Development - AZ Office

Shandry heads up our Inventory development team. She, along with her team, was able to increase the number of bookings from our wholesale homes. She has been trying to develop relationships with new owners so we can book their homes.

"I have worked hard to find combos and profitable properties that we can work with owners on. I have taken these properties and optimized them with great care to ensure that we booked them and then booked them again. I worked to get good reviews so that these properties are what I call fully optimized and developed.

I have over the last couple of months been lucky to have several of these fully optimized and developed properties that I can get consistent inquires and bookings from every month. Inventory Development hopes to continue to build on this and our current goal is to have 25% of the company revenue every month.

In addition to Inventory Development I have also worked hard to try and develop and grow new areas for the company. I have utilized my contacts to find and establish a team in Tennessee to get E exclusive properties and start a new region. We now have a great team and have just signed our first 2 properties. I have a goal to continue to grow Tennessee and move into Florida."

Jim Lawrence Ng - Mainland team - Philippines

Jim has been a great asset to the Arizona & Idaho regions. He has excelled in the trainings he has received.

"I've learned that there are a couple things that I needed to do in order to find success as a booking agent.

First is to always trust your manager/s. Jamie, Brittany, and Ashlee have been great mentors to me and continue to inspire me to reach greater success.

Second is to never hesitate to ask questions and seek help from your co-workers because we learn a lot faster that way.

Third is that no matter how familiar you are with the property, there will always be questions from guests that you will not know the answers immediately therefore it is extremely important to maintain an open communication with your managers. And lastly, I learned to anticipate and become pro-active to solve guest problems and exercise independent judgement."

The whole team has worked hard to produce great numbers for September. We need to recognise a couple other team members.

Meredith Simpson - Dealing with the most dissatisfied guests! She has been working many hours to help get some of her homes booking. She has been professional on all levels and we really appreciate her patience with difficult situations.

Brittnay Jaeger - Booking our newest area exceptionally well. She has been creative and aggressive with getting the homes booked all summer. Working with many new owners. As we know, that can take a lot of finesse to get these owners trust us with their babies (homes).

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