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May 2019 Recognitions

Jamie Babin - Mainland South Team Lead - Gilbert, AZ Office

In the past few months we have made changes as we continue to grow on the mainland. Jamie has been an integral part of managing new owners. She has trained our new account managers, taken on Brittany's owners while she was on maternity leave, handled owners who are unhappy, dealt with guest issues in the middle of the night, worked closely with caretakers and worked on problem solving many internal issues with some of our processes. Jamie has been an exemplary team lead.

Crystal Empalmado - Account Management Team Lead - Utah

Crystal has been with Rental Advisor for 4 years. She has had many roles in the company during her tenure.

Crystal took time to meet with some of our owners in Hawaii last month.

"Meeting with owners in person was a complete game changer. It changed each and every relationship. It built trust with each owner in a way that phone calls simply cannot. After meeting with several owners, I kept seeing the same thing...they opened up! They shared concerns I never heard over the phone (one owner was ready to leave us, and go off on his own, but he never told me that until we met in person). I was then able to reassure them and build confidence in our company. A couple of owners even showed me additional homes that they have that we are now working on bringing on, but at the time we did not have the level of trust for them to give us an additional home."

Carol Ann Boyd - Onboarding Agent - Arizona

Carol Ann has been busy bringing on owners in the Arizona area.

"My favorite part of my job with Rental Advisor is meeting new people...almost every week! I never thought I'd say that I enjoy networking as I've been involved with multi-level companies for many years and have not enjoyed that aspect. The difference? I don't feel like I have to sell myself. I work hard at developing relationships with Referral Partners, earning their trust and finding ways to send referrals their way. It almost always comes around full circle and I receive referrals in return. These relationships have proved to be so rewarding. I truly enjoy meeting with potential owners, finding out what their goals are and helping them reach those goals. When I'm having a conversation with a friend, relative or even a stranger sitting next to me at the nail salon, I make it a point to tell them what I do and give them my business card. I'm passionate about the short term rental industry and the revenue that can be made and enjoy sharing that with others."

Sandi Adair - Onboarding Agent - Arizona

Sandi has joined our onboarding team in Arizona. She has already brought a few new owners to Rental Advisor.

"I just open my mouth and talk to people about what I am doing and share my excitement of vacation rentals. I believe in the personal touch so in the first 2 contacts one is face to face if possible if not then a phone call,I love connecting with people and I believe this is the real key to success."

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