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Select Company Policies

The agent who gets credit for a reservation is the agent who first discussed the home reserved with the client in writing. If thier is a dispute we encourage agents to work things out between themselves but the agent who can provides the oldest written record of them discussing the home with that guest will get credit for the reservation. (Please note, any records of written communication older than 30 days will not be considered as valid as too much time has passed). Two agents may be working with the same guest on different homes and this is totally normal. Once a guest books that agent is responsible for helping that guest with any questions or pre checkin needs. Once in the home the guest is under the care of the caretaker.

In order to ensure all guests get a quick response, If a guest emails an agent and the agent does not respond to the guest in less than 48 hours a new agent is allowed to take over that lead and will get credit for the reservation. If a dispute arises a written record of the 48 hour response gap must be provided to management.

Any agent violating policies may be denied future access to reservations work.   


Lead Ownership


Anyone working for LG that collects an hourly wage (or any kind of set wage) are required to give 2 weeks notice to management for any vacation or other time off. While off a vacation responder should be set. The person taking time off is responsible for finding someone else to cover their responsibilites. If there ever is a break in your normal ability to do your duties management should be notified. In the case where time off is needed on short notice management should be notified immediately. 

For anyone who collects commission only they are expected to notify their manager if they do not plan to work thier normal amount as prescribed by management. In addition a vacation responder should be set during this time. If you are not expecting to be able to check your emails at least twice daily you are responsible to ensure your duties are delegated to someone else and that management is notified. 
Holidays (with the exception of the ones below) are not automatically granted as time off and must be requested.
- Christmas Day.
- Afternoon of Christmas Eve. 
- ThanksGiving Day. 
- 4th of July
Vacations/Time Off
  • If a guest books less than 7 days prior to check-in an agent must Contact the caretaker immediately by phone, text or any means to ensure the unit will be ready for the guest. If prompt response is not received (I.e 24 hours) the guest should be notified that we are working on ensuring the unit will be ready and you manager should be involved ASAP to help resolve the issue. If a caretaker is unwilling or unable to get the unit ready please involve management ASAP. 

  • Employees and contractors are expected to abide the <Non disclosure/Non-compete Agreement>

  • If an agent books a referral property they are given a commission of 20% of the total money made in the referral this is paid to the agent directly by Jacob. Agents are to fill out a referral report for every closed referral. 

  • We will hold the dates if an agent can provide us with a signed copy of a rental agreement from the guest who will stay in the home. Any exceptions to this rule must be approved by management. 

  • While reservations are generally first come first serve no reservation is finalized until the owner or the owners representative approves the reservation. If two bookings come in near the same time the owner may choose to accept the reservation which results in more revenue even if that reservation comes in later. 

  • If a guest cancels and a agent was already paid a commission for that booking Lavish Getaways is authorized to count the commission paid to the agent for that booking against future commissions paid to the agent.

  • If a guest wishes to view a property that may be possible but requires caretaker approval and the viewer will be required to pay $50 to Lavish getaways prior to the showing. This $50 will be applied to their reservation (and thus reimbursed) should the guest book the home. The person who show properties may bill lavish getaways up to $25 dollars for showing the unit.

Friend of the company discount program. 


Owners: Any client referred by an owner gets a 5% off our retail rate in RP.
Booked Guests: Any client referred by a booked guests get 5% off our retail rate in RP for themself and 5% refunded to the booked guest who referred them. 


Clients in RP: Any client referred by someone whose name is in the RP system gets 5% off our retail rate in RP. 


BYUH Network: Any relative or friend of a current or former BYUH student, faculty or alumni gets 5% off our retail rate in RP. 


Employees: Any client referred by an employee gets a 5% off our retail rate in RP.


Disclaimer. This program only applies to Non-Peak Seasons, Gap fills or reservations being made less than 45 days before checkin otherwise they require management approval. 


Qualified Property Definition

Properties deemed qualified for our inventory must meet the following criteria. 


  1. Property must rent for between 400-1200/nt during the summer season. 

  2. Property be an A or B Value on the A-F scale. 

  3. Property must have a live scrapeable calendar. 

  4. Property must be in an approved market. 

    Note: All exclusive homes are qualified as long as they are in an approved market.  


If a guest wants an early checkin or late checkout they must do one of the following. 

1) Request it 2 weeks prior to checkin from the caretaker of the property. The caretakers usually allow this if the unit does not have a back to back booking. 

2) They must reserve the previous night (for early checkins) or the night after (for late checkouts). Any discounts on these nights follow normal discount protocol.  

Early Checkin/Late Checkouts

Christmas and New Years Bookings Policy For Exclusives.

10 night minimum night stay for Christmas and New Year.  This requirement is per holiday unless management approval is given. Checkin should be sometime between the two holidays, not on the day of, day before or day after so that it's easy to book the other holiday. The idea is to get a 10 night booking that covers Christmas and a 10 night booking that covers new years. This policy only applies to exclusive homes. As we get closer to the holidays this policy becomes more flexible. Please run deals you think we should make an exception on by management for approval.

Rez Agents who add a new property to our inventory. 

For reservations agents who are able to book a property outside of our inventory they will recieve 100% of the rent revenue from that resevation as long as the owner agrees to let us bring them deals in the future. If an agent is able to add a unit to our inventory but they are not able to book it themselves they still will recieve 50% of the rent revenue on the 1st deal. If an agent is able to close a 1 time deal with an owner outside of our inventory but the owner is not willing to let us bring them deals in the future the agent will be entitles to 50% of the rent revenue. Agents are required to notify management of any commissions owed. Please not this only applies to properties of owners who are not already in our system. If an owner already has units in our system the above structure does not apply. 

Reimbursement Policy for owners. 

Rental Advisor will pay for the following.

- Cleaning for our guests (owners or guests of owners will be reimbursed by owners)

- Hours spent taking care of in house guest needs (like if a guest were locked out)
- Marketing Expenses (Listings and Photos)

Anything else should be reimbursed to us from the owner. This might include. 


- Vendors
- Owner Cleans
- House Supplies
- Items that stay in the home
- Assignments given by the property owner
- Normal Home Maintenance 

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