Recognitions of the Month - Feb 2018

Dolour Navarra - Philippines Exclusives Admin

Dolour has been with Rental Advisor longer than every employee, except Devin! She is amazingly efficient and quick. She has trained our other admins to help with our growing company.

"I am currently in charge of uploading exclusive properties in Streamline, VRBO, Airbnb, VHR and I also update listings. I update rates, photos and other info in Streamline and advertising sites when needed."

April Servito-Laniohan - Philippines Mainland/Wholesale Admin

April assists the inventory development team with all of the wholesale properties. She handles each task

"I upload wholesale properties, update season/rates and other details in Streamline, VRBO, and Airbnb."

Uzi Panti - Philippines Admin

Uzi covers the US overnight hours. He has saved our guests from being locked out of their homes when they arrive without check in instructions. He assists management and supports other admins. He has learned many different aspects of the business and continues to develop his skills.

"I'm an assistant for the admins and receptionist during the weekend. I take calls and messages from guests and potential guests during the weekend, forward concerns and questions to booking agents, and follow-up on them through out the week. I help around by being an extra hand on what admins do with Streamline and other listing websites and other projects they need help with."

Michael Hernando - Philippines Inventory Development Admin

Michael works on the team with Shandry in inventory development. He has filled a few different roles on the Rental Advisor team. He has excelled in the tasks put before him and continues to be a huge asset to inventory development.

"I am currently an Administrator for Inventory Development / Wholesale Inventory Department. The scope of my responsibilities for our department are to upload/create/edit/update/audit/activate inventory records of properties in Streamline. I am also one of the departments' marketing agent for VRBO, HomeAway, and Airbnb, and I create and optimize listings for these sites. Aside from these, I assist anyone in our department with the different tasks and projects as needed."

Kendrick Soledad - Philippines Inventory Development Admin

Kendrick is on the inventory development team with Shandry. He has been working hard to bring on new units for the team to book.

Inventory development has hundreds of homes and it takes many hands to keep it running.

"We in the ID department, we make sure that each of the properties that are assigned to us are all optimized, we make sure that all of their calendars, pricing and seasons are all updated. We also upload properties in Streamline & AIRBNB"

We want to thank each of admins for all of the work they are doing behind the scenes. Our booking team gets a lot of attention because they bring in the revenue, but they could not be successful without the backbone of the Rental Advisor team, our Admins!

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