Recognitions of the Month - Nov 2017

Stephanie Jimenez - Arizona Account Manager - Gilbert, AZ office

The Arizona region has been a focus for Stephanie. It was a rocky start due to the time of year when the homes were brought on. Summer time in the desert doesn't scream, "Come visit, it's 120 degrees! Stephanie persevered and is now reaping the success she has been working so many hours to accomplish.

"Arizona has been a unique animal for us, it has been a great learning curve for us all . Overall I think the success in bookings is due to the personalized customer service we provide with each inquiry. We try to personally call or text each guest with an inquiry and build a relationship of trust and rapport with the guest, this makes them choose us over another booking. Then after they book we follow up with personalized text to thank them and see if they have any questions. That and constantly optimizing the listing to update titles, pricing, description etc . We still have a ways to go, but I feel like we are slowly but surely getting there. "

Jim Ng - Arizona Region. Phillipines.

"I learned a lot working with Stephanie especially on how to better communicate with guests. Make them feel comfortable and that we are genuinely trying to help them book the right home. Optimizing as well as responding to inquiries with precise information really makes a difference."

Dee Merrill - Exclusive Onboarding - Gilbert, AZ office

Dee started bringing on new owners in Arizona less than a year ago and we now have 13 exclusive homes. She has been networking in B&I meetings and continues to find success. She has been involved in all the aspects of growing Rental Advisor. She has brought the owners on, helped market homes, helped owners set up their homes to be vacation rentals and even helped book the homes early in the process. While onboarding in Arizona, she decided to purchase her own vacation home! We think our AZ team can make Dee, one happy owner!

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