[Mar 2015] Tiffany Solomon - Onboarding Agent of the Month

This month I just really tried to make every call with the attitude of "I have something that will really benefit you as an owner/manager". I think that since I believe it, it came across to them when we spoke. Also I tried to speak slowly and give them plenty of opportunities to ask questions. Because I have a tendency to want to speak very fast.

Another thing I found helpful was being familiar with the property before I called them. It came in handy to know a few details when speaking to the owners because I was able to make them feel like I wasn't just calling every property, but rather that we were interested in "their" property. Also I was always quick to email them information and follow up afterwards. And the biggest thing was I just kept calling. Even when I had a prospect that I called 20 times and didn't get an answer, eventually I was able to get a hold of them and frequently they were interested so that has helped me remember not to give up too easily.

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