[Jan 2015] Drianne Moncur - Agent of the Month

This month (and the last part of last month), there was an abundance of inquiries. Everyday, the box was full of inquiries and so I just made sure I checked the email everyday and answered emails. This month, I have found one thing very effective: MAKING REFERRALS. More than one-third of the bookings I made were because I referred clients to other properties we have if the property they inquired about isn't available or just simply wasn't going to work for them. I would base my referrals to the property they originally inquired about taking note of the price range, the area and the number of people in their group. I would list specific properties as opposed to just referring them to our website. If the client hasn't said they already booked a different property, I don't give up on that client. I ask questions and see what their needs are and really try hard to find them something.

I also didn't pick and choose what deals to take. There were big deals but there were more small deals. Smaller deals were as important as big deals to me.

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