[July 2014] Tyson Marostica - Agent of the Month

Since starting this job I have learned that the most important thing I can do is really listen to the guests needs, and then do my best to match it with what we have available. A lot guests ask for availability without knowing the price, and I found that if I send out a soft quote with out knowing their price range I tended to just push guests away. The generic responses were a great tool in starting a conversation, and if they responded I was able to get information out of the guests that opened the door to other properties that were available.

I really found a lot of success by sending links to homes of a variety of price ranges. Everyone wants the amazing property on the beach with the pool and all the amenities, but realistically it's not in everyone's price range. By sending out properties of different price ranges I was able to show guests that we have very nice properties for a reasonable price. The more options we can give guests the more likely they are to work with us and book a property that they are excited about.

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