[June 2014] Erica Hansen - Agent of the Month

I think the big difference maker in closing leads comes down to two things. The first is just how many people you respond to. I always try to make it a goal to take on at least a certain number of new leads each day so I have good turnover. Only about 1 in 10 people actually book so if you want 5 bookings in a week you know you need to get at leads 100 new leads. The other thing that helps is knowing what a person is looking for and not just responding. I find getting on the phone is the best way to do this. I get on the phone with people as often as I can to find out what they are looking for so I can be sure I am sending them the best options for their vacation. Its fun to help people find a good place and I always try to make sure I am sincerely trying to learn what they want and then show them what we have that might work.

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