[Oct 2013] Jessie Giles - Agent of the Month

What I have found works best for me is just being active in working with the inquiries that come in each day. I'm in the inbox every day (often checking it on the weekends as well), checking for answers to my leads and responding to new leads right away. I try to be available to answer the phone as much as possible and follow up with people quickly. It definitely happens that I will get a booking over the phone the first time that someone calls in, but it's much more hard to make it happen once they leave a voicemail and move on to other homes. People often comment on how much they appreciate my being prompt in responding to them and answering questions. I also take the time to respond to the "warm" leads even if it's not obviously an easy booking. I really believe that putting in dedicated time by responding to people frequently throughout each day results in sales, and obviously it worked this month!

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