[Feb 2014] Jessie Giles - Agent of the Month

What I find works best for me is being consistently engaged with my leads at all times. This does not mean checking the email once a day or every other day to see if they have responded; it means working throughout the day in follow ups and phone calls, every day. Just because someone isn't responding right away doesn't mean that they won't book with you. Sometimes people just need a reminder, or they need some extra attention that will put your name on the top of the responses they have received from other properties. It's also really important to reply to clients' emails and phone calls as soon as possible after we receive them. I also try to make a personal connection with the guests that I am talking with. I make sure to reply to their specific questions, and treat each person as a special situation. I will mention something about my personal experience with the property or area that they are looking for. It's a little easier for me because I have spent a lot of time at these homes and have even stayed at a few of them with my family, but even if you have never stepped foot in the property they are inquiring about, you can still make some kind of connection that lets them know that you know what you're talking about, and that you care about their experience as an individual. - Jessie

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