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Bookings 102

What the BEST booking agents Do.

Overview of what the best agents do Doc Click here (Fast response, Speed to lead, number of inquiries) (Diagnose, prescribe, questions, close)

Other tips and tricks. Click here ( Flex Time, Don't know answer to question, Negotiate with owners, comps list, textings guests,)

How to handle price with travelers and guests who inquire.

How to handle price with travelers and guests who inquire. Click here (Price vs value)

How to handle upset guests and guest refund policies

Upset guests and refund protocols.

Click here for doc
Click here for video

Marketing 102

Pushing calendars using Ical feeds

2014 video on how to push Ical feeds for calendars so we can get our live calendar in streamline onto other websites like airbnb and vrbo.

Optimizing Your Listings

The following outlines the complete guide on the principles behind optimizing your listings. Optimization is about doing things to your listings that increase the probablity that someone will inquire or book your listing vs others you are competing with. Ultimately you want to make sure that all of your listings are as competitive as possible. When your listings is as competitive on all factors as it can be your listing is optimized. Optimization Overview
Ranking Optimization By Website. Pricing Optimization
Photo Optimization We have created a tool to help you keep track of what listing you have optimized and which ones still need to be optimized. The tool we use is airtable. Please see the video below on how to track your optimizations in airtable so your manager knows your listings are optimized. Below is a video.

How to analyze the competition and improve performance

If you have a struggling unit the first thing you should do is an competition analysis. If your home is not getting booked it probably is because they are booking other peoples homes. This is how you find out why.

How to do a competition analysis

Competition Analysis Template

Weekly Listing Updates

Listing sites improve the rankings of listings that are regulary updated. Listings should be updated weekly even if these updates are small. Below is more info on how to update listings on VRBO and Airbnb.

Airbnb weekly pricing and listing updates

VRBO weekly listing updates.

Monthly Occupancy Reports

Every agent is responsible for reporting the occupancy of thier units monthly. Below is how this is done.

Monthly Occupancy Reports.

Setting up last minute Airbnb Pricing

The following outlines how to set up automatic last minute pricing in airbnb.

Click here to see video

Owner Relations 101

How a new owner is set up.

Step 1- Kickoff Meeting: As soon as an agent finds out about an owner who has signed up or who is moving forward with us they should set up a kickoff meeting.

HERE IS THE GUIDE TO A KICKOFF MEETING. Step 2 Setup in System: After having a kickoff meeting the agent should ensure that the property is uploaded and setup. This is handled by Dolour (our upload specialist) in airtable in the exclusive inventory "Upload Cases tab" according to the guidelines below... New property setup process guide

Step 3 New Exclusive Owner Checklist Items: Once a property is setup in the system the agent has the responsibility of completing the new exclusive owner items in airtable to ensure we have not forgot anything. See the video below for details.

New Exclusive Owner Items.

Step 4 Execute a great experience: Long term you want to ensure that we execute the owner experience is as follows...

Owner Experience Standards

How to work with owners.

Objective: Owners should never feel their home is forgotten and they should feel that you are doing everything you can.

Guide to working with owners

How to handle an upset owner.

1) Empathize and be on their side. 2) Resolve issue or Tell them you will contact your manager to get resolution.

How to work with caretakers and caretaking coordinators

Caretakers Role: Ensure the home is taken care of and properly maintained by helping the owner understand what is going on at the home and what guests are experiencing.

Caretaking Coordinate: Coach caretakers and ensure they are fulfilling duties.

Your Job: Make owners happy by using these two people to ensure the owners home is well taken care of and issues are resolved to guests and the owner are happy.

Inventory development


Company Mission

Our mission our values our look our style our brand.

Bookings 101

Streamline aka Resort Pro Introduction

Tape chart, property folio, reservation folio, finding reservations etc.

The stay account, lead management and company inbox

How we handled incoming leads and inquiries. Updated Feb 2018

The Basic Bookings Process

How to turn inquiries into bookings. The Basics.

Property Types Intro

Exclusive homes, full service, reservation management, wholesale.

How to send a quote in streamline

Sending quotes. Last updated Sep 2015.

How to take a payment by phone

Taking payments by phone.

How to fill out a Bookings Report

Filling out a bookings report. Last updated Oct 2013.

How to use informative book

Sending quotes etc using the informative book tool. How to see available units and prices.

Booking Agent Routine and Expectations

The normal routine for account managers and booking agents day to day duties.
April 2018.

Marketing 101

Introduction to listing sites.

The Homeaway Family, VRBO, Trip Advisor Family, Flipkey, VHR, Vacation Home Rentals,, Roomorama etc

Click here to learn about these listing sites.

How to setup your airbnb account and list properties in airbnb.

Airbnb is the fast growing and largest vacation rental website in the world. It allows anyone to list a vacation rental so that people online can inquire and book. Unlike other websites everything is managed within airbnb (communication , payments etc). You work with a guest within airbnb and get them to book our property in airbnb (ITS A "closed system) then you put them on the master calendar in our system and complete a bookings report as the final step. The following will help you understand how to get started using airbnb.

Step 1: Create your own airbnb account using your company email.

Step 2: Have a unit Co-hosted to your account. This can be done by... A) Asking your manager to co host a unit with you. How to Co-Host a Listing B) You create an AMAZINGLY good looking listing on the master account and then co host it to your personal airbnb account. (note: to access the master account your manager will have to give you access to the login and password for the master account. Also please note you have to log out of the master account to accept the co host invite). HOW TO CREATE A LISTING Note: When logging into the master account you can set yourself as a cohost or turn off co hosting at any time as needed. Please ensure you are Cohosted on any properties that are under your stewardship.

How to setup and list your property in VRBO.

As a general rule Dolour handles all the uploads to VRBO. Normally you will just ask her to create the listing for you. However below is some info on how she does it.


A few years back streamline became integrated with VRBO. Therefore you can use the following guide created by Dolour on how to create a VRBO listing considering that our account is synced with VRBO. Please note that if you cannot reach our current account manager with VRBO please use the company directory to find out who our new account manager is as this may change in time.
Please use the link below to get all the details on how to create a VRBO listing.

Dolours guide to creating a VRBO listing.

How to create listings on the Trip Advisor family. VHR, Flipkey Etc.

The following outlines how to create a listing on the Trip Advisor network which include VHR (aka Vacation Home Rentals ) or Flipkey or Trip Advisor. When you list on one you list on all.

Click here to learn how to create listings on VHR

How to do inquiry routing

Inquiry routing is how you ensure that an inquiry made on a listing goes to the right person. Use the link below to learn how this is done for each website. I nquiry Routing Guide

Other Tools

Internal Company Communication

Internal Company Communications training video. Email, text, phone, skype etc.

Manual Quotes

Manual Quote Introduction. Click here Sending Manual Quotes. Click here Processing Manual Quotes. Click here

Exporting Calendars from Streamline

How to export a master calendar from our system to another system. Click here to see how

How to recuit caretakers.

If you are assigned to find caretakers for a region please follow the following guidelines. 1) Get names and numbers of candidates: Log into your personal facebook or instagram page and search for local buy/sell groups or other local nieghborhood groups. 2) Post in multiple places the asking for candidates: Example "Hi we have a vacation rental on XYZ street in X and we are looking for someone who could clean and care for the property when we are not there. PM me if you know someone". 3) Have a phone interview with 4-5 people who look promising. Get to know them and there experience.

4) Have a local rep or the owner of the property meet with the top 3 and pick the one they like best.

5) Notify the caretaking coordinator who is chosen so she can train the caretaker and set them up.

How to do an annual vacation rental analysis

The following outlines how to estimate annual revenue vacation rental revenue for any given property. ANALYSIS TRAINING DOC.


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