Recognitions of the Month - Jan 2018

Shandry Williams - Inventory Development, Airbnb Specialist. Gilbert AZ Office.

Shandry spent many hours revamping our Airbnb accounts and working on our wholesale properties to build relationships with new owners. She is anxious to find the "diamond" in the hundreds of wholesale homes that she is working with.

"Wholesale can bring large rental revenue for the company not to be ignored. Some of the properties have been neglected and gone cold. So I have been working to optimize and refresh them, put more focus on them. Churn the inventory, clean out the bad and revitalize the good. Find and create combo units as they can be a niche and bring high returns and fill a demand missing in the vacation market."

Crystal Empalmado - Account Manager - Oahu Small. Utah

Crystal has been with us for more than 2 years and has had a few roles in the company. She is working on the 1-3 bedroom homes in Oahu.

Recently she was given a new exclusive owner. She decided to meet face to face with this new owner and really impressed them with her knowledge and attention to detail. She was able to build the relationship and gain their trust.

Crystal has taken time to develop relationships with each of her owners. We often get awesome feedback on how much they appreciate all the work she is doing for them.

Leslie Aurelio - Account Manager - Maui Region. Philippines

Leslie has been aggressive in trying to grow the Maui region. On top of taking care of her owners, she spends time looking for units that she can make into combos. She has been finding incredible success with the combos she has made.

"I make sure I respond to my inquiries as soon as I can.. Answer all their questions and provide them accurate information about a certain unit/property. If problem occurs about a certain reservation, I make sure I assist the guest with the things that they're having trouble with. Also, texting is a great way of communication. Whenever I do follow-ups, I realized that some guests do not open their emails frequently but if you send them a text, they respond quickly.. Having a good relationship with your owners is also essential. Have an open communication with your owners, call them if you need to clarify something. Lastly, make sure that the listings are updated especially the rates and availabilities."

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