Recognitions of the Month - Oct 2017

Trixie Ardon - Oahu South Account Manager. Trixie had the most bookings and the highest revenue for October. Agent of the month!

"October was a busy month. We've had a lot of listings activated on AirBnB and Trip Advisor-VHR. Few things that have helped with bookings are: 1) Good working relationship with owners. 2) Listing optimization. This gave me the chance to look at the listings again and see where we can improve. 3) Actively updating the last minute rates and advertising it. 4) Timely response and follow ups. 5) Listening to guest needs and sending property suggestions. BONUS TIP: Repeat guests! Making the process as smooth as possible for guests now increases the likelihood that they will remember you on their next trip or even recommend the company, Rental Advisor, to their friends!"

Ashlee Hyer - Executive Asst/Account Manager, Gilbert Office.

Ashlee is our newest employee. She has been given some new owners to

manage and has gone above and beyond to help them. She has taken a lot of

training in her short time here and excelled! She has been a wonderful addition

to the team.

Uzi Panti - Admin - Philippine Office

Uzi is our off hours admin. He has helped many of guests who have been locked out of the homes. helped our Inventory Development team, and been a support to our Philippines team. Uzi has taken each new task and willingly taken any necessary training to help him be a more effective asset to the team.

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