Newsletter and Recognition for efforts during March 2017

Dear Team, Change has certainly been in the air this last month for many of you. The staff in our Philippine office have been making the transition from on-boarding to bookings. We hope you all learn that golden formula because that is how you get more bookings. Bookable Units + Optimized Listings = Qualified Inquiries = Bookings While the formula may seem simple there are all sorts of obstacles to each step. Your challenge will be to identify what is keeping your formula from flowing and understand it in detail. Then with a clear understanding of the problem you can work with other members of your team to overcome that issue. You should look at your formula and ask yourself questions like the following. Bookable units

- how many bookable units do you have active in rp? (Goal 50-100)

Optimized listings

- how many listings do yo have on each site? (5-10 VRBO, 10-20TA, 40-50Airbnb)

- how many combo units listing do you have? (Goal, 5-10)

- what are the last 3 things you did to optimize a listing and when did you do it.

- when were your listings last certified as optimized. (Optimization audits)


- how many inquiries did you get last month?

- were those inquiries qualified? (For open dates, saw accurate pricing, right guest count)


- how many inquiries did you convert into bookings?

- how well do you know your top 10 units?

- how many outbound calls did you make?

Anyway we hope you will all be patient but determined as we go through this change process. Below are some of our team members who really have done a great job this month =) Thanks for all you guys do.

Effective Agent Award

(Most improved Conversion Ratio)

LESLIE AURELIO (Twice in a row!)

Booking Award

(Most improved # of bookings)


Wholesale Onboarding Award

(Most Improved # of units onboarded)


New Relationship Award

(Most new units booked)

Dee Dee Merrill

Outstanding Effort Awards.

TRISHA ABADIES: For outstanding effort in getting multiple listings up and generating inquiries and getting two bookings despite being very new to bookings work.

KAREN CHRISTENSEN: For outstanding effort in account management and in expanding booking totals via and with Travel Agencies.

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