Newsletter and Recognitions Jan 2017

Dear Team,

We are very excited about our start here in 2017. We have increased the number of team members with the launch of our new office in the Philippines. We have a lot of big plans for 2017 with our new structure. We know that many of you are currently learning a lot of new things. Please know that other more experienced team members are here to help and refer to the structure matrix to know where you fit. If you have questions contact management. Also we are asking that we all keep Aprils family in our prayers and thoughts as they continue to work through their struggles with her babies health.

While we realize that everyone on our team has contributed greatly to our mission we want to take this opportunity to recognize a few things that really stood out to us this month and that we want to express appreciation for.

Effective Agent Award

(Most improved Conversion Ratio)


Booking Award

(Most improved # of bookings)


Wholesale Onboarding Award

(Most Improved # of units onboarded)

<No Photo>


New Relationship Award

(Most new units booked)


Outstanding Effort Awards.

JACOB CRUZ: For outstanding effort in helping set up our new office in the Philippines and for running it so diligently.

DEE DEE MERRILL: For outstanding effort in getting new exclusive units in the Arizona region.

SHANDRY WILLIAMS: For outstanding effort in account management by developing relationships on the Big Island.

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