[Aug 2014] Jessie Giles - Agent of the Month

What works best for me to help increase my bookings rate is to check the email frequently throughout the day. When people reply to your emails, it is really important to get back to them as soon as possible. I have had lots of clients in the past talk about how great I am at communication when compared with other owners they tried to work with. By checking the email multiple times throughout the day, you will optimize your ability to respond to interested guests and get them booked. Another helpful tool is the phone. Of course most agents already know to call guests when they are working on the email inquiries we have received. But you can also check the Google Voice inbox to see if there are any voicemails. Often people leave a voicemail without sending an email, and those New Leads are just as good, if not better, than the email New Leads. You can check the voicemails and call guests back any time! (Just make sure to search for the phone number or name in the email to make sure someone is not already working with them! And don't forget to archive the voicemail after you return it, even if all you do is leave a message.)

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