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[Sept 2013] Grant Monson - Agent of the Month

There have been a couple things that I have started to do that have really made a difference in my bookings. First, after I receive a request and if the home is available, I always write back the prospective tenant and include the entire description of that particular property as found in Resort Pro. I do this because usually they are really well written and describe the home in a beautiful way, it gives the location, it provides the room and bed situation, and it answers a lot of questions that these people might have. I find that I am not answering small unimportant questions because I anticipated them and gave them all the info up front. It saves me a couple of interactions email wise and allows me to focus on my other clients. Second thing I have been doing is just what Jacob and Jessie have been preaching, calling the tenant. I try to call them after I have given them the description of the home. This puts a face to the email and I repeatedly let them know I want them to have a great vacation and am here to help. I have made it a point to call each person that I can and this has been tremendous. Additionally I try to get back to a prospective client as soon as I can, never letting more than 6 hours pass. I think being quick is something that our clients value and respect, adding legitimacy to our operation.

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