[Nov 2013] Jessie Giles - Agent of the Month

Most of what works best for me is just being diligently involved in the inquiries that come in- picking up new leads, following up with my existing leads, etc. But one thing that I cannot stress enough is the use of the phones. I am not the best at using the phone but the more I pick up phone calls and make calls to leads, the more I book. When we run numbers at the end of the month, there is a direct correlation between bookings received and how many calls were made by that agent. In my experience, there are some people who do not like email- they make a phone call, and if someone picks up and they have a nice conversation with them, they book it on the spot (this has happened to me many times!). If no one picks up, they don't even bother leaving a voicemail, they just move on (I check missed calls occasionally to see if the same number can be found in our voicemail log or emails, and often they are not). When people do leave voicemails, they are usually more ready to book than the people who send out dozens of emails to random owners. I think one of the most effective things agents can do to pick up leads from people who are ready to book is answer the phone whenever possible, and return voicemails as quickly as possible.

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