How to Generate Owner Leads: Carolyn Tyler

As we are all aware of the great scarcity of properties at Christmas, I sometimes in my spare time look for places that are still out there. I will skim through craigslist and also VRBO. I will search the areas that people are requesting. A lot of people this last month had been looking for the North shore. When I started searching for places this last month I started thinking that not to many people from the mainland know to search for Kawela bay (the gated area just west of Turtle bay). So I decided to search for that. It was a jack pot. I spoke with an met up with Annette the Manager. She takes care of two amazing properties at Kawela bay right on the water and 3 really nice condos at Turtle bay. She does a great job as a caretaker of these properties but would love assistance in Marketing and advertising them. These are great properties. She will be nice to work with and is very knowledgeable. Additionally, When I get people asking me for something in Ko'olina or near Honolulu I start looking for properties in that area. Its nice to look ahead of time before they need it so we have it to offer. It seems to work out easier and more smoothly in most cases. There are some nice properties out there where the owners seem to be needing some marketing assistance and we have an great team and service to help them. - Carolyn

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