Owner Services 101 Certification

The Objective: Make owners assigned to you happy by understanding and taking ownership of their problems and personally seeing that those issues are resolved.  
Step 1- Review the following materials and write down any questions you have for management. 
Common owner issues.
Please Remember to watch these videos in full HD mode 720P (See picture) on full screen so you are able to see everything.  Write down any questions you may have. 
Step 2: Ensure you know which owners are assigned to your stewardship and which owners are KEY owners. If you do not please contact your manager.  
Step 3- After getting answers to any questions you have, and ensuring that all previous steps have been completed take the following certification test. Answers will be sent to management. The will reply back to review the results with you. 
Step 4- Send an email to your KEY owners introducing yourself as their account manager (attach a photo of yourself, try to use a professional looking photos). Let them know that you will be their personal point of contact for anything they need moving forward.