Local Rep Program

Please follow the steps outlined below to complete this course. Please note that processes and outlined in the training below may not always be up to date as changes do occur. Please ask management if you have any questions. 
Step 1- Learn Who We Are. 
Step 2- Please go to our website www.MyRentalAdvisor.com go to Services and review the "Full Service Program". This is the service you will be presenting to owners. Our website gives and overview of the service and some frequently asked questions. Please read this over in detail. 
Step 3- Please review in detail the agreement the owners will be agreeing to. (Do not worry about the section "contract for guests" in italics as this is just a copy of what guests will be agreeing to when they stay in the home). This agreement is not a long term contract. It can be cancelled anytime. It is an authorization they give to us to begin working with their home. Be very familiar and understand terms of this agreement as you will review this agreement with owners who wish to move forward so they understand what it is we do. If anything in the agreement is unclear contact your manager and discuss it with them. YOUR GOAL IS TO GET PEOPLE TO SIGN THIS AGREEMENT. Once they sign an account manager will take over and you will move on to find other owners. 
You will notice that pricing is not included on the agreement explicitly. This is because we can provide some flexibility depending on the unit. However the following are the price guidelines you should follow generally unless otherwise advised by management or if you think a lower price should be offered. If you wish to see if a lower rate can be offered simply ask management for approval. 

0-1 bedroom home = We retain 25% of the rent collected.
2+ bedroom home= We retain
 20% of the rent collected.

Note: A 5% discount can be offered if the owner provides us with a caretaker (ask management if you have questions about this)
Step 4- Written Report and Review : Please submit the following in writing to your manager. If you have questions please contact your manager. 
1- Write 1-2 paragraphs explaining (as you would to a friend) what Rental Advisor is and why it is interesting. 
2- Write 3 "60 second commercials" that you could give in a networking group. 
3- Write a 2 paragraph explantation of why you got involved and why you think Rental Advisor is meaningful to its clients. (Tell your story)
Step 5- Telling our story face to face is key. But how do you get people to tell that story to? Please review the following with your manager and then go join a local networking group. 
Step 6- Become familiar with the Airtable lead management system. This tool is available to you to keep track of leads and action items. Let management know if you would like access.  
Step 8: Setup Items: Please work with your manager to get the following. 
- Company email
- Business cards
- Any other promotional items. 

Please contact your manager to role play the following situations. (ask your manager if you need help with any of these).  
a) You are asked to give a 3 minute presentation on the vacation rental industry and what rental advisor does in a networking group.   
b) You are asked to give 3 different 60 second commercials and a tagline in your networking group. 
c) You are asked by a realtor about how our company is beneficial to realtors. 
d) You are asked by a property investor how Rental Advisor could be beneficial to work with. 
e) You are asked by a local builder how can rental advisor be of help to them. 
f) You are asked and a local pool company to describe our power partner program.  
g) An owner of a second has agreed to meet with you. Explain what your plan is for the meeting.
h) Explain the contract to your manager as if they were a property owner. 

Step 9: EXECUTE some first steps. 
- Go join a local networking group 
- Get your first appointment with a realtor
- Get your first appointment with a power partner
- Tell all your personal contacts your story.
- Continue getting as much face time as possible via creative ideas of your own.