Welcome Course

Following being hired complete the following steps and then complete the certification.
Initial Setup
Step 1- Please watch the following videos as an introduction to the company. 
Step 2- Click the link below and study the company structure. Learn where you fit in the structure and who your manager is and who your managers manager is. Write down any questions you have about this.  
Please Remember to watch these videos in full HD mode 720P (See picture) on full screen so you are able to see everything.  Write down any questions you may have. 
Step 3- Setup a Skype account (if you don't already have one) ask management@lavishgetaways.com if they can send you all the available company skype contacts. 
Step 4- Setup a new gmail account using the following template "firstname.lavishgetaways@gmail.com". If you name is John it would be john.lavishgetaways@gmail.com". 
Step 5- Contact your manager and let them know you are ready to be set up with a company email account and any other tools you will need (Streamline Login, Desk.com Login, etc). You manager will set you up. 
Step 6- Review the document below, add your name to it and then set up an appointment with Jacob to discuss it.