Bookings 101 Certification

The Objective: Convert as many inquiries as possible into booked reservations. 
Step 1- Review the following materials and write down any questions you have for management. 
The Basic Tools 
The Process
Please Remember to watch these videos in full HD mode 720P (See picture) on full screen so you are able to see everything.  Write down any questions you may have. 
Step 2 (IMPORTANT)-  Contact you manager and schedule a time to sit down and work alongside an experienced agent for at least 2 hours on two separate occasions. The first hour you should just spend observing the other agent as they work with inquiries and ask questions. The rest of the time you should be responding to inquiries and asking questions. This will allow you to "learn by doing". This should be done in person. If this is not possible please contact management to come up with another plan. DO NOT proceed to the next steps until this is completed. 
Step 3- The owners we serve are all signed up under different programs. Please review the following information so you understand the differences in our property types. You will be tested on these so know them well.  
How to...
Step 4- Watch the following videos and write down any questions you have for management.
Step 5-  Review the company policies page on the team website (see the "policies" tab at the top) and specifically study the lead ownership section so you are clear on company policies regarding which inquiries belong to you. 
Step 6-  Review the following document. If your situation requires that these standards be adjusted please discuss with management as flexibility may be available.
Step 7- After getting answers to any questions you have, and ensuring that all previous steps have been completed take the following certification test. Answers will be sent to management. The will reply back to review the results with you. Once this review is complete you will be a certified booking agent!